Anne Davidson lives with her loving husband and two beautiful daughters in Calgary, Alberta, where she runs a successful real estate practice. In addition to her love for real estate, she has helped to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for various charities in Canada and around the world. She is most proud of her remarkable two daughters, Alexandra and Emma and feels privileged to be their mother. Anne continues to look for ways to learn and grow as a person in hopes to make those around her happier and feel as loved as they truly are.

Anne grew up in Nanaimo, British Columbia in a family who struggled with the terrible effects of alcoholism, domestic violence, verbal and sexual abuse. As a child she often felt alone, sad and hopeless. In fact, in Grade Five her despair was so great she tried to end her life. As the years went on, she continued to face many challenges but always managed to overcome them and continually found ways to grow stronger as a person.

Those who know Anne often ask her, “How did you manage to turn out so well?” After thirty years of hearing that question and not really having a solid answer, she finally has it: ADVICE. Anne realized that she had been receiving and taking advice from concerned neighbours, caring teachers, extended family and friends, young and old, her entire life. It was because people shared their wisdom with her that she was able to continue to move forward and achieve her goals after all she had been through.

Anne owes her successes to every single person who took the time to share their thoughts and experiences over the years. These individuals most likely didn't even realize they were responsible for the amazing life Anne lives today. The inspiration for A Century of Advice is a tribute to those who took the time to share their life changing advice.

Here’s your chance to share your advice and help others.